Before you start the EscapeRoom, some rules and tips:
  • In the first screen, there is a pop-up for a YouTube video with a timer, please allow this pop-up to open (through clicking the message on the top right of your browser or something similar).
  • This EscapeRoom works best on normal laptops/computer screen, I’m not sure how/if it works on smaller devices like tablets or phones, but it probably fits really poorly.
  • Although I  have tested it on multiple devices, it is possible that not every area or images looks like it should. If you think something is clickable but it isnt where you expect click around it in the area, if still nothing happens, it is probably not clickable.
  • Please use the buttons on the screen (mostly top right) to navigate the different area’s/pages. If you use for example the back-button it might screw things over or likely you have to re-do a puzzle. 
  • Play full screen (F11) for the best experience
  • Mostly just have fun. This was just a project to do while stuck in quarantine. -Luuk Broeils