The Educational committee Life Sciences (OC-LS or ‘Opleidingscommissie Life Sciences’ in Dutch) is one of the many educational organs that has the worthy task of safeguarding the quality of the education of the Masters programmes within the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The committee strives to improve the education by evaluating Masters courses, writing assignments and research projects by students and the response of the responsible teachers. Because the OC-LS consists of a unique combination of seven Masters students and seven staff members and teachers, a balanced point of view on educational matters is established. The students taking seat in the OC-LS are also members of the Life Sciences Representatives, ensuring that the voice of every Masters student is being heard.

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning education in the GSLS, you can contact the OC-LS via oclifesciences@umcutrecht.nl

The students taking seat in the OC-LS are Eefje Vercoulen (TXEH), Floor van den Dolder (BoD), Bram Meijlink (RMTM), Marc de Liedekerke Beaufort (SBM), Tom van der Most (I&I), Aleksandra Kordek (CSDB) and Susanna Plugge (MBV Mebiose).