Life Sciences Representatives

The Life Sciences Representatives represents the interests of all the students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. They talk to course coordinators en the educational board to make sure education improves every year. Their monthly meetings focusses on points of improvement of all facets of the GSLS: from searching an intership to the level of difficulty of courses. If you have a question or complaints about your education or your master in general, mail to:

The following students are part of the LSR: Erik Slot (MCLS), Caroline Pham (BoD) Thomas Broekhof (EPIM), Marit de Kort (CSDB), Suzanne ten Hage (I&I), Kayla Koff (ENVB), Lisanne Vermeer (MCLS), Eva Hermans (NSCN), Bastiaan Ilmer (BII), Eefje Vercoulen (TXEH), Bram Meijlink (RMTM), Floor van den Dolder (BoD), Tom van der Most (I&I), Aleksandra Kordek (CSDB) and Marc de Liederkerde Beaufort (SBM).